9th Annual EVF HOW – Case Studies

Case Presentations

Dear Learner,

The Organizing Committee of the 9th EVF HOW wants to include you in the learning experience. The case presentations by participants are greatly appreciated by all and provide important constructive discussions. Don’t be shy! We encourage you to submit a case for discussion during the didactic sessions of the Workshop. You may have untreated problem patients that you want to discuss to plan their future treatment or interesting patients, which already have received final treatment. The Organizing Committee will decide which cases to be presented and inform you in good time before the workshop.

The delegate with the best case presentation will win the Case Presentation prize of €500.00. The winner will be announced at the Farewell Dinner.

The case presentations should be concise and to the point since the allocated time for each case is restricted to 15 minutes including discussion. Thus limit the number of slides to the time allowed. The presentation should be in the powerpoint format. Try to construct them in a didactic way, which allows stepwise discussion between the participants and faculty during the presentation.

This is an example: Slide 1: Presentation of the case… what’s the next step? Slide 2: We did this…. What’s next?? Slide 3: These were the results…What else to do? Slide 4: Final results …Anything else – options Slide 5: This is how it all ended … Could it have been done differently?

Please contact Steve Black, who is the coordinator of the case presentations, at casestudies@europeanvenousforum.org. For large files a Drop Box will be provided.

Submission of case presentations is optional and not a requirement to receive an Attendance Certificate.