EVF HOW Workshop

The 8th annual EVF HOW Hands On Workshop

Holiday Inn, Krakow, Poland
26 – 28 October 2017

The Annual EVF HOW provides the most comprehensive workshop in venous disease in Europe. It is for you who want an introduction to or need an update of the management of venous disease. Open to all specialty physicians, including physicians in training.

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Education and hands-on practice for the benefit of patients with venous disease

The purpose of the creation of the EVF HOW in 2010 was to fill a need for a structured comprehensive hands-on workshop for physicians interested in venous disease. The goal was not only to provide understanding of modern practical management, but also for the learners to practice hands-on individual procedures to treat venous disease. Since most procedures on the deep and superficial system are represented learners would know what treatments are available and although not actually performing procedures themselves be able to refer the patient for appropriate treatment.

General Objectives

To educate, train and update learners (the delegates) in the current clinical management of patients with venous disease by close informal interaction with venous experts during lectures, case discussions and hands-on activities in small groups.

At the end of this course the learner (delegate) should be able to:

  • identify venous disease in patients
  • apply appropriate venous investigations
  • construct a plan for management
  • understand different interventional procedures
  • successfully incorporate treatment of venous patients in his/her practice
  • realize when to refer a patient for expert care

The EVF HOW Format

The EVF HOW mission statement is ”Education and hands-on practice for the benefit of patients with venous disease”. The goal is to provide understanding of modern practical management of venous disease and hands-on training of alternative procedures. An integral partner in this effort is the providers of different devices, sclerosing agents, stockings, bandages, ulcer care materials, ultrasound machines etc. The objectives of the EVF HOW are impossible to fulfill without this partnership. The instruction of learning has from the start been structured on a few principles, which are important for the success of the Workshop:

  • the number of learners is limited to 100 to facilitate interaction between instructors and delegates and thus the faculty/learner ratio is high – 1/3
  • the hands-on sessions are largely truly hands-on for the delegates, not small lectures or only a demonstration of procedures
  • all learning sessions are informal in a relaxed setting to allow uninhibited communication between delegates, faculty members and industry representatives
  • plenty of time is set aside for discussion with the greatest interaction occurring at the workshop stations
  • the learners are encouraged to bring their own cases for presentation and discussion
  • there is no exhibition or parallel activity.

The tools of instruction includes presentations, case discussions and live demonstrations on duplex scanning covering acute and chronic venous diseases. The focus will be on hands-on training on procedures and devices. Faculty members in collaboration with the industry experts will instruct at 20-24 workshop stations. The delegates will attend each workshop station during 30 min in small groups (4-5 delegates), giving each participant time to try out devices, practicing bandages etc.

Note! The learner will be given a certificate of attendance of the course, which in no way ensures or certifies any competence to perform the procedures. EVF does not have that authority.

Learning Enhanced by Associated Website

In 2013 the EVF HOW website was introduced. This is a web-based password-protected portfolio. Each learner participating in the EVF HOW has access to all presentations, important references and guidelines, case reports for discussion, videos of procedures supplementary information about the workshop stations and other study material. Access is available for one year after the Workshop. This gives the learners a possibility to go back and reinforce and enhance their learning experience. Additional material will be added during the year. The learners has highly appreciated the website using it to reinforce and enhance their learning.